TriArts Sharon Playhouse

Audition Tips

Prepare a song in the style of the show for which you are auditioning.

Please DO NOT bring CD's to sing along with; there is an accompanist.

Sing whatever makes you feel comfortable; be yourself. We are looking for fun, personable people rather than "perfect voices."

Music should be two minutes or less, in your key, and clearly marked for the accompanist. Sheet music should either be taped or in a three-ring binder. Commercial books are difficult for pianists to negotiate on the piano.

Know your tempo, and be prepared to communicate it to the accompanist.

Be sure music and lyrics are well-memorized.

Prepare your song – not just from a musical perspective – but with a dramatic circumstance.  Ask yourself the following…

What happened just before the song begins?
Who am I singing to? Why?
What do I want from that person?  How can they fix my problem?
What is the environment in which I find myself?

Don't focus on what the auditors are doing or might be thinking. We may need to be talking about your during your audition.  DO focus on your work and your circumstance.

Bring your sense of humor with you.

Dress comfortably in what makes you look and feel good.

Have a 16-bar reduction (cut) of your song ready just in case it is requested.

Be prepared. Nothing makes a better impression.